Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Puerto Maldonado Project #1

We have just finished up with the 3rd project for Extreme Peru.  This project was located in Puerto Maldonado and its objective was to build the first phase on the 40/40 house.  Our Puerto Maldonado 40/40s are coming to an end of their training in Iquitos and need a place to live!

This project was on a smaller scale with only 14 short term volunteers from the U.S. and they were all men.  Since this was a construction project the only long term staff needed for the full two weeks were Dennis Linnel and Brad.  Denise and I tagged along to help prepare lunches for the construction crew and hold a kids festival (basically a VBS) for the local church.  It was a successful project with a terrific group of men!  The first phase of the house was completed and we averaged 68 kids a day for our 3 day kid's festival.  32 of these kids prayed to accept Jesus into their hearts!

Here are some pictures:

So, we don't really travel light!  I blame it on Tyler.  This is the primary form of transportation in the jungle cities, motocars.  In the incredible heat you come to look forward to the open air taxis for the breeze.  The drivers can get just as much luggage on the back of a motocar then can in a van.

This was what the house looked like when we arrived.  A Peruvian crew has been working on this house for a couple of months.

Everything is made from concrete.  Here is Brad looking like he did every day after work!  It was quite fun washing all these concrete covered clothes.

Here they are building the concrete wall that will surround the house.

After two weeks the second level walls are complete and they are placing the roof.

Each column that is poured for the walls is placed into a 4 ft hole.  Tyler is measuring a hole for his Dad.

This is the last day we were in Puerto and the roof is on!  The next phase will start in a couple weeks to finish the inside of the house as well as to paint.

After two hard weeks of work the guys took a day to tour the jungle.  Brad went with them and came back with some great pictures.  Here are a few:

This is a bridge in a tree top canopy.  It is 42 meters high (126 feet).  I am glad that I missed this opportunity.  The only thing worse for me would be a giant snake in the middle.

On the way home in the boat after a fun day in the jungle.

Brad will return to Puerto Maldonado for the second phase of the construction project.  This project will also include alot of impact events to spread the love of Jesus to the city of Puerto Maldonado.  Please keep this project in your prayers as 17 of our staff members will be there with 30+ short term volunteers from the U.S.  God has big plans for this city!  You can visit Extreme Nazarene for more information and pictures about both Puerto projects.

Bunk Bed Project

Just wanted to post some pictures of the bunk bed project that Brad has been working on.  Extreme did not have the needed tools to complete this project so the Men's Group of Mountain View Nazarene in Wilder, Idaho gave the money to buy the tools. 

Here is Brad (wearing the head of a guinea pig mascot) standing next to some of the completed beds.

The rooms are fairly small and they need to house 24 people per room so the bunk beds are three high.

Here are the rest of the beds waiting to be put together.  There will be 48 beds in total!

Thanks to this great group of men who understand the value of a good power tool!