Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We made it to Peru!

It is time to start updating this blog!

We had a wonderful week in Louisiana visiting with family there!  It was a fun week visiting with Steve, Jackie, Brooke and Brayden.  Tyler seemed to know that they were family and laughed and played to his heart's content.  Brad's brother Blake surprised us and drove from Omaha to spend a few days!  I enjoyed the time with only a few tasks to complete and we were able to soak up family before leaving.

We also had the opportunity to share our testimony and call to Peru with three churches. We both were amazed at the reception we received by all three churches.  It was such an exciting realization that it felt like "home" to be in the presence of other Christians.  We were able to leave the United States with a much larger support team.  God is meeting our needs and allowing us to build relationships along the way.  We both feel very
 humbled and very blessed.

Tyler and his Aunt Brooke   

After a relaxing week of enjoying Brad's family in Louisiana we headed for our new "home" in Peru.  We flew out of Houston, Texas which was a three hour car ride from Robeline, Louisiana. We made it through baggage check-in and security without any problems which is exciting for us!  The flight from Houston to Lima was uneventful and Tyler did really well considering that he only slept for one hour and was awake until 2:30 in the morning!  The check-in process for our flight from Lima to Arequipa took almost two hours as we had too many bags and my hairspray was a security threat.  But after giving my hairspray to the girls behind counter and $100 for our excess luggage we were off the next line to pay more taxes for who knows what and were finally ushered downstairs to wait for our 4:00 am flight.

Daddy and Tyler finally asleep at 2:30 in the morning!

One more flight to go and we arrived in Arequipa at 5:30 am where we were met by Ryan Foster.  He drove us to their home where we had the pleasure to meet the family we had been working with over the phone and email.  We enjoyed breakfast in their home before stopping by the office to meet the Extreme Staff.  It is so nice to see and meet all these people that we have been praying for and following their calls through stories and pictures.  We look forward to serving with them!

Around 9 am we arrived to the home of Patricia, Maria, and Santiago.  This is the family that we will be staying with while we attend language school.  God has truly blessed us with this family.  They are full of love and energy...Santiago (age 5) and are already teaching us how to speak Spanish words.  Patricia is teaching us how to get around the city and shop.  She prepares three meals a day for us and is a wonderful cook.  Maria is 13 and learning English so we have fun laughing with her over our blunders!  Santiago is so excited to have Tyler living here and plays with him as often as he can.

We thank you all for your prayers and support.  We already miss home but remain excited for what is to come in this new opportunity.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy Birthday...9 months old!

Happy Birthday to my little man!  I love this little man who just so recently entered my world.  Everyday is a celebration with him in my life and today we celebrate 9 months.  Here is a picture of Mommy and Ty playing.

Here is a picture of Ty and Mommy playing! 

Monday, February 2, 2009

Getting Ready to Go

I have to say that I feel that we have already been on quite the adventure and we haven't even landed in Peru! God is really working in our lives. He is growing us and growing sometimes hurts. You may remember as a child experiencing "growing pains," which I have been told medically do not exist. But as one who has experienced such pains I believe they do exist. And I am feeling them now.

Although the material things in life to do not hold priority I find myself feeling separation anxiety from my home. The home which my husband and I purchased together for our first home. The place I brought my first baby home. It has been difficult to pack up our memories into cardboard boxes to store away. We can take only what we can fit into four suitcases so this does not allow for much more than necessity. But I keep hearing my mom's voice in my head saying, "This world is not our home," and I know she is right. This house is not my home. My home is with God. For now He will have me stay in Peru.

And the people we will leave behind? I can't go there!