Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy Birthday...9 months old!

Happy Birthday to my little man!  I love this little man who just so recently entered my world.  Everyday is a celebration with him in my life and today we celebrate 9 months.  Here is a picture of Mommy and Ty playing.

Here is a picture of Ty and Mommy playing! 


Robin said...

I thought of him all day long as I remembered just 9 months ago how he changed all our lives by coming into our world. He is a treasure and a precious being. I love him so.

Anonymous said...

He looks so happy Michelle! I am looking forward to reading your blogs! I need your mailing address once you are in Peru. I will send you all of Daniels clothes that he grows out of. Any that you don't want, give to some of the needy families down there! Maybe a coffee farmer! :) I know that they could use them.

Aunt Lisa