Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How Much Would You Pay for a Box of Love (part 2)

I just finished reading my Mom's blog and thought I would write a follow-up to show you how excited her box of love made this little family!  You can read what she had to write in Part 1.

Can you believe that all of this stuff fit into this box?

Tyler is wearing one of the new hats that Mia and Poppa sent.  And do you see the bottles of Diet Dr. Pepper?

And he loves his new toy!

I had to take the picture of the ranch packet!  Thanks to Grandma Jackie we have been enjoying ranch dressing in Peru.  Now Mia has just enabled my addiction further.  I am loving my Moms!

So, thank you to our families who have blessed us with things from home!  They are just "things" but they have come with love attached and for that they are worth every penny I have.  I love you!

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Nancy said...

Hi, Michelle!
I started following your mom's blog when I started following yours, and it's so nice to read "the rest of the story." I felt like crying when I read Part 1 of this story...and had wondered of homesickness was the reason we hadn't seen anything on your blog lately. Then I just read your entry above and saw how hard things have been for you lately. I'm so glad you you and Brad know exactly where to turn when things get rough...I will continue to pray that God will bless you with enough good news (like all the souls that were saved recently!!) to help offset the hard times. You are in our thoughts and our prayers. Thanks for your willingness to be honest and transparent with us.