Friday, March 27, 2009

Excitement and A Confession

Today we had the privilege to find out the details of the next several months for our positions with Extreme.  I wanted to share them with you!

In case you don't understand what Extreme is doing in Peru over the next three years here is a little run down.  The concept is called 40/40.  This means that 40 American single adults will be paired with 40 Peruvian single adults.  Each pair will be responsible for planting 3 churches in their assigned area.  Not all of the 40/40's will be here at the same time, they will arrive in waves.  The first wave has only 4 Americans and 4 Peruvians as this is the first time this has been tried and they wanted a small group first.

Our wonderful and very passionate first group consists of Wendy, Callie, Olivia and Andrew.  God has handpicked this group, there is no doubt about that!  They like to call themselves "The Cuy" as they are the first group and the guinea pigs.  Cuy is guinea pig in Spanish.  They will be living and working in Puerto Muldanado after their training.  But first they have 3 months of language school in Arequipa then off to Iquitos for job/culture training.

Brad and I have the awesome privilege to care for the needs of the 40/40's.  They will have a couple, Tyson and Tracey Smith (and little Kai), that will live with them and care for their daily and immediate needs.  Brad will provide assistance with any maintenance, safety and transportation needs.  I will provide information on medical resources, assess their physical health periodically and assist with any insurance claims.  We also have the opportunity to accompany them to their training in Iquitos for part of the time.   Then we will return to Arequipa for the next wave of 40/40's arrival.

I was amazed at the details of the evangelism plan for these communities.  God is providing for every need right on time!  This meeting today was just what I needed to lift me out of the funk that I have been in attending language school.  There is frustration that comes with learning a language.  But today I received another glimpse at what God is doing and of what He has allowed me to be apart.  I am going to be taking care of the disciples!  I can hardly wrap my brain around the fact that I may be caring for today's Paul or Peter!  What is God doing calling me?

As I mentioned above, God is providing for this plan right on time!  Part of this provision is in the next wave of 40/40's.  Just this month we received 6 of the 8 people that will be coming in the next wave.  We need 4 more so please be in prayer for these 4 people that God will call to be His disciples as well as the following groups.

And now for the confession...
I am very aware of the sacrifices that people are making back at home so that they can give to our ministry in Peru.  And today I found Dr. Pepper!  I spent over $1 a can and bought 7 of the cans (they only had 9).  So, I am sorry for those who went without this week!  But it tastes so good.


Glenda said...

Enjoyed your update as always! You are part of a wonderful ministry with such far-reaching effects. . . Thanks for being willing - and please don't feel guilty about purchasing Dr. Peppers! Enjoy every drop of them!!

Dawn said...

Fabulous! Brent will be at our church in Loveland, Colorado Sunday night with the Extreme-mobile, or whatever it's called. Should be fun! I don't know if you're aware or not, but our church has been to Arequipa twice and accepted the challenge to finish the district center after they came back last summer - our Faith Promise was twice our original goal in order to finish that building.

A young woman in our church who has had no direction in her life was changed in her heart when Dan Walker died last July (fabulous young man from our church - there will be a memorial to him in that center at the dedication in August). She will be coming down there as one of the 40/40 sometime in June. Her name is Michelle Hamilton. Exciting!

Nancy said...

Michelle, I've looked forward all week to your Saturday update. :) How exciting! And I loved your confession at the end. As an avid fan of Dr. Pepper, I can relate. You should definitely have bought all 9 cans! I hope that you find many more! :) Seriously, it is so exciting to think of all that God is going to do through the 40-40 plan. I know that you are thrilled to be a part of Extreme Nazarene! And as Nazarene myself, I'm also thrilled to be a part of this great ministry! We at Friendship are remembering all of you in prayer.

Robin said...

I'm so glad you found the Dr. Pepper! Does it taste the same as at home? I got my package I'm sending to you wrapped last night - my goodness it almost took an engineer to figure out how to get everything in that little box! But I was determined. Not anything big, just lots of little things you all might enjoy. And a birthday present for a sweet little guy that is TO REMAIN UNOPENED UNTIL HIS BIRTHDAY!!!

Anonymous said...

Eric and I think you should have bought all nine Dr.Peppers.
I am so glad Tyler is getting better and you and Brad are remaining healthy. Keep posting pictures the kids like seeing where you are.

Janice Holton said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed your updates, Michelle!! You are a good writer! And you're right, Brad is a great photographer too. I love reading of your excitement about what lies ahead and so pleased to know we are fellow Pepper lovers!

Jackie said...

It's always so heartwarming to read your posts! It's good to know that God is in control of all the details ... not just the 40/40 ministry, but sending you to an encouraging meeting just when you most needed it and having you "discover" Dr. Pepper! I love what you said about serving Paul. Just think where he might have been if it hadn't been for Luke! Hope you have a breakthrough week in language school this week. Love you!

Mary Alice said...

Yeah for Dr. Pepper! It's the little things that remind you of home. I will be fully stocked with DP for your first return in November :)

Anne Van said...

I enjoy your updates and am anxious to hear how Brad is. I am here for you anytime, even if you just want to talk!

Love you guys!