Sunday, March 15, 2009

Saturday Peru Review (3/14/09)

So, I am a little late in posting last Saturday's review of the new places we visited in Peru.  But better late than never, right?

We loaded this bus for a four hour tour of Arequipa.  We chose this tour because it included a tour of the city as well as the surrounding areas in the country.  We have realized that we have become a little restless in the city and needed some time in the country.  This tour also featured lunch and we are always excited to try new traditional Peruvian cuisine.  So stay tuned for the second restaurant review (below, way below).  As you can see we had the best seats on the bus and we had seat belts!  Tyler was able to ride in the front pack so he was seat belted in with me (for all those mothers who were worrying about the risk of flying out of the bus).
Here is one of the beautiful buildings inside the city.  I believe this is one of the cathedrals.  
And a tour of Arequipa would not be complete without guinea pigs (cuy) as this is a very popular meal.  By the way, at the end of the Arequipa events in August there will be a cuy feed with 10,000 cuy!  So if you have not signed up to come to Arequipa you should really plan on it as this will be a record breaking event.

Here we are visiting Alpaca Mundo (Alpaca World).  This was one of my favorite stops on the tour.  You were able to see the process of making the yarn and clothing from the beginning to the end.  Here is the beginning...(very friendly little creatures)
And here we are near the end of the process.  This lady is from Cusco and she is making traditional clothing from the wool of the alpaca.  

This was a monument with Jesus in the center and the cross as well.

There were many places on the tour that showed the incredible poverty that exists.  I realized that I have been blind to this in my time here as where we are living in the city we do not face this daily.  Brad and I were motivated by many of these places to learn the language as quickly as possible so that we could get to work!  The reason that God has us here is for these people.  God is giving us a heart and passion for these people as well as the people we come into contact with daily in the city.  Keep them in your prayers.  I believe God is preparing their hearts for the message we will bring to them.
The Restaurant Review....
Again I have forgotten to get the name!  The first picture below is of a very common appetizer that is placed on the table much like chips and salsa in a Mexican restaurant.  It tastes like popcorn that has been turned inside out (the puffed part is inside the kernel).  All three of us like it.
Brad ordered steak, there was actually no steak on the menu so this is what they created for him.  It included tender steak, papas fritas (french fries), a cold fried egg, toasted bread and salsa.
Brad gave this a thumbs up (except for the cold egg)!
I ordered a traditional dish called Rocoto Rellano (stuffed rocoto pepper).  It is stuffed with cheese, ground beef, vegetables and is very spicy.  It has potatoes on the side.  I have had this dish prepared by Patricia in our home and it is my favorite so far.  I did not like this restaurant's version of this dish.
Michelle gave this a thumbs down!
Tyler refused to eat as there were two women at the table next to us and he could not stop flirting long enough to finish one bite.
Tyler gave it a thumbs up!

Brad is a very good photographer and was able to capture the entire day.  If you would like to see these pictures you can see them posted here and here.


Robin said...

I would love to try both dishes! I am looking forward to our visit in the spring of 2010. It will be great!! DAD

Dawn said...

Tyler looks so cute eye to eye with the llama.

And what a little flirt!

I am happy that you are seeing the reason you are there!

Jackie said...

Loved the pictures, especially the ones of Tyler. Your words about the burden God is placing on your hearts for the people of Peru were so moving. So glad you're taking these Saturdays for perspective, inspiration, and plain old r& r. Much love to you all!

Glenda said...

Tyler gets cuter every week!! Love your "tour" in words and pics. Seems like such an intriguing place full of people who need Jesus! What an adventure to be a part of God's great plan for them!!