Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hola! Tienemos tres dias de escuela.

We have completed three days of language school!  This school is designed for students who need a fast two or three week course.  So it is intense from the start.  We both came home exhausted with headaches on the first day.  I have no doubt that we will be very comfortable with the language by the end of our third month at this school.

We have two sessions that are two hours each with one on one instruction.  Brad and I have the same teachers that alternate the morning and afternoon sessions.  The first session is focused on grammar and the second on conversation.  I have been very grateful for the year of Spanish I had in high school.  I am amazed on how much I retained over the years.  We both have homework in the evening that we are able to work on together.  And at all meals Patricia and Maria quiz us on the Spanish vocabulary that they have taught us as well as the new material from school each day.  Even little Santiago has learned how to say, "in english?" wanting us to tell him in English what he just said in Spanish.

We are able to walk to the school from our home and we have a beautiful view of Misty the volcano and the surroundings mountains (see pictures above).  It is about a mile away and it gives us some exercise in the morning and afternoon.  Tyler loves riding in the front pack, kicking his feet and flailing his little arms the entire way!  The pictures below show Tyler passed out after too much playtime at school.  A young Peruvian girl, Medele, who has been working with Extreme families is coming to the school to watch Tyler and Kai (the Smith's 2-yr old).   There is a nursery room upstairs in the school (an old house) and I was placed in the classroom directly across from Tyler.  I am able to hear him laugh and play the entire time!  God is truly providing for our every need!

These pictures are in front of our house.  We live in the upstairs house.  And there are two apartments below that Patricia rents out.  One is currently being used by a family of Canadians who live here for part of the year.  All of the homes are surrounded by metal gates.  But every Peruvian we have asked has denied any problems with crime.  So far we have felt very safe here and have not run into any dangerous situations.

This Saturday we are going to make a day of exploring the city.  We have recieved many suggestions of places to see from our teachers.  We are anxious to get to know this city that is so full of history.  Stay tuned for this weekends adventures!

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Anonymous said...

Its sounds like you guys are having a good time and enjoying yourselves. I love reading your sure you keep it up. :)

Aunt Lisa